Electrohydraulic control

It consists in making use of electronic systems and elements.
The key part of the control system is a block of hydraulic distributors connected to receivers. Those distributors are steered with controllers through electromagnets to which control pulses are sent from the control panel placed in the neighboring unit. The systems are connected to each other with a multi-core electric cable.

Possible is also a remote control in which case the roof support control is performed by pulses emitted by a combined cutter-loader moving under the support.
Such a control enables a comprehensive operation of a powered roof support. The fundamental advantage of such a control system is automation of the mining process, mainly as far as automatic operation of the powered roof support is concerned.

The system permits both diagnostics and archiving of emergencies, which enables at any time an evaluation of efficiency of the respective system parts as well as observations of changes in the geological and mining conditions at any place of a longwall complex.